Registration Opens for Society of Vacuum Coaters TechCon 2018

Orlando is the venue for this year’s symposium, to be held May 5-10, with a focus on Multi-Functional Thin Films – The Tailoring of Interfaces. 


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Registration is open for the Society of Vacuum Coaters TechCon 2018, to be held May 5-10, in Orlando, Florida. The topic of this year’s symposium is Multi-Functional Thin Films – The Tailoring of Interfaces. 

The event is comprised of an education program, a technical program and vendor exhibits. Each day will start with a keynote presentation highlighting how accomplishments in the vacuum coating industry enable the performance of almost all modern products and technologies.

The comprehensive Tech Con program includes traditional sessions focused on the core technology topics. For the industrial practitioner, it offers ample opportunities to attend presentations both in the technical and poster sessions and the Vendor Innovators Showcase. The well-established Eureka! Session focuses on industry topics and new findings that warrant public discussion in a relaxed environment. The Poster Session will be jump-started with a series of brief, oral “executive summaries” to enhance the dialogue with the poster authors.

A Symposium Industry Government Forum and a greatly expanded and updated Technology Forum Breakfast line-up (15 topics spread out over three days of the TechCon) provide many interactive opportunities to discuss the latest developments in our industry. SVC will once again offer the innovative “Fundamental Aspects of Coatings” program; a session jointly organized by the program teams of the SVC and the International Conference of Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF). It leverages the combined strengths of SVC’s application-oriented perspective with the first principles rigor typical of the ICMCTF to highlight the latest advances in interface design for film and coating technologies. The topic meshes well with the 2018 Symposium by highlighting the connection between leading-edge coating technologies that often nucleate in academia and government-funded R&D environments and a market environment that demands continued coating technology innovation to deliver competitive new products. 

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