Reliable Plating Works, Elite Finishing Hold Plating Education Month in February

Customers are given a plant tour of the Elite Finishing facility, followed by discussion on design, cost drivers, materials, processes and a show-and-tell session.
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Every Friday in February, Reliable Plating Works and Elite Finishing in Milwaukee hold their annual plating classes, which are open to all of their customers and are free.


"This class is set up to give you a good knowledge of our processes, an understanding of the cost drivers, consequences of design and material changes, functional and cosmetic capabilities and availability of new processes," Jaime Maliszewski says, an owner of RPW and Elite. "We start the class at 11 a.m. with a lunch and quick video that shows the entire plating process with a tank-by-tank description of what each tank is doing."


Customers are given a plant tour of the Elite Finishing facility, where the shop will be showing off its newly designed lab, followed by discussion on design, cost drivers, materials, processes and a show-and-tell session on issues that we have run into and the solutions.


"We welcome questions on potential projects that may need early input," he says. Classes fill up quickly and are limited to the first 20 attendees at each session.


For information on the shops, visit rpwinc.net


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