Sherwin-Williams Launches Two New Powder Coating Lines

Powdura OneCure is a two coating, one cure dry-on-dry coating system; Powdura Sprint is a low-cure polyester resin-based powder coating system for use on medium density fiberboard.
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Sherwin-Williams launched two new products at the recent Powder Coating Show in Indianapolis, which was presented by the Powder Coating Institute.


The company launched Powdura OneCure, a two coating, one cure dry-on-dry coating system designed to save finishers time and money by reducing the steps needed to achieve enhanced edge coverage and corrosion resistance.


Engineered for heavy equipment and general metal finishing projects, Powdura OneCure offers  patent-pending formulated primers and topcoats that have the ability to co-react and cross-link. The products provide a seamless finish that delivers high quality aesthetics with superb durability.


The mono bake system offers a high performance alternative to conventional two-bake powder primer and topcoat systems. This allows finishers to reduce energy use, labor and maintenance costs while increasing throughput. The Powdura OneCure system requires a smaller production footprint and less capital equipment.


The finish meets or exceeds several OEM specifications.


“Powdura OneCure saves finishers time and cuts production costs to make high quality powder coating easy,” said Ron McMahon, Marketing Director- Powder, Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes. “It offers improved edge coverage and better corrosion resistance than two-bake powder coating systems to satisfy the needs of finishers in a variety of industries and applications.”


Sherwin-Williams also announced the availability of Powdura Sprint, a low-cure polyester resin-based powder coating system for use on medium density fiberboard (MDF). Ideal for finishing applications in the furniture, kitchen cabinet and general finishing markets, the coating system provides a high quality finish as it cures at temperatures as low as 250˚F.


Powdura Sprint requires fewer coats than competitive powder coating products, increasing line speed by up to 40 percent. The new finish also has excellent performance properties in stain and moisture resistance and offers an effective cost alternative to traditional liquid and laminate coatings.


Available in a wide range of solid colors as well as smooth and texture finishes, Powdura Sprint meets Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Association (KCMA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards as well as several manufacturers’ performance specifications.


“Powdura Sprint saves manufacturers time and money while producing a quality finish on engineered wood substrates,” said Laura Kelleher, VP Global Marketing. “It offers manufacturers of MDF-based products an attractive alternative to traditional finishes while delivering higher performance levels than competitive powder coating offerings.”


For more information on either product, please visit oem.sherwin-williams.com.