Speakers Announced for Products Finishing Top Shops Executive Summit

Presenters include presidents, CEOs of Top Shops in North America.
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list of top shop speakers

The speakers for the Products Finishing Top Shops Executive Summit in October have been announced. The event is bringing executives from some of the top facilities in the finishing industry to speak to their peers about how they deliver performance and profits at an extremely high level.

The event will be Oct. 20-22 in Indianapolis, and will feature executives and managers from more than 100 of the top plating, anodizing, liquid and powder coating operations in North America, gathering in one location to hear several of the Products Finishing Top Shops explain how they thrive in a competitive market through operational and business strategies.

Among the presenters at the conference will be:

  • Marc LeBaron, chairman and CEO of Lincoln Industries in Nebraska, one of the largest finisher operations in North America. LeBaron will speak on building a great culture within a finishing operation, as evidenced by Lincoln Industries annually being named one of the best companies to work for in the U.S.
  • William Howard Jr., chairman and CEO of Houston Plating and Coatings in Texas, which was named the Products Finishing Top Shop for liquid operations in 2019. Howard will talk about his research into improving logistics and operations in finishing facilities.
  • Charles Zinke and Toni Gauna from Perfection Industrial Finishing in Arizona. Zinke is president and Gauna is operations director, and they recently utilized a unique workforce development program to go from 50 to over 130 employees to open a second location.
  • Rick Gehman, president of Keystone Koatings in Pennsylvania, a multiple Products Finishing Top Shop award winner who will present on the best ways for finishing operations to develop continuity plans that will help improve business and efficiencies.
  • Larry Dietz, general manager of Professional Plating in Wisconsin, which has won several Products Finishing Top Shop awards for both its plating and powder coating operations. Dietz will speak about how to build a great work culture while also managing expansion and growth at a finishing facility.
  • Ryan Murphy, co-founding partner of KAL Capital in Los Angeles, who has worked in many mergers and acquisitions in the finishing industry, and who will speak about next-generational planning and business continuity in the finishing industry.
  • Michael Guckes, chief economist for Products Finishing, will make a presentation that looks ahead for the finishing industry over the next 24-36 months and tells what the automotive, aerospace, medical, general industrial and other manufacturing sectors will look like.
  • Steve Kline Jr. and Jan Schafer from Gardner Intelligence, a sister company of Products Finishing that administers the annual Products Finishing Top Shop Benchmarking Survey. They will explain the 2020 survey results in great detail, what drivers to profitability are in the survey results, and what correlations finishing operations can utilize to improve performance and margins.

In addition to the speakers, the Products Finishing Top Shops Executive Summit will also host a Sourcing Fair, where OEMs from the automotive, aerospace, medical, general industrial and other industries will be on hand to possibly meet privately with any shops that register and attend the event in order to start new business relationships.

The 2020 Products Finishing Top Shops will also be recognized at the event in a special ceremony, with special medallions presented to both the plating/anodizing and liquid/powder coating winners. Visit PFTopShops.com to learn how to register, and for a complete list of speakers and events.