Students Win Scholarships In Plating Contest

Watch the Video of MFASC Bright Design Challenge winners and President Bryan Leiker
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Regina Dowling-Jones from the Art Center College of Design with Bright Design Competition scholarship recipients David Hansung Kim, Judy Chu and Ofir Atia, along with Bryan Leiker, president of the MFASC and K&L Anodizing. Photo courtesy of Lucia Loiso, Art Center College of Design.


The Metal Finishing Association of Southern California's West Coast Bright Design Challenge awarded three scholarships totaling $15,000 to students from the Art Center of Design in Pasadena in a contest that emphasized plating and anodizing development in commercial products.


Students from the college were asked to incorporate various types of surface finishing in their product designs.  About 15 students from the Art Center of Design began the contest by touring K&L Anodizing and General Brite Plating in September to get a look at what it takes to anodize and plate metal components.


Ofir Atia won a $7,500 scholarship as the top prize. David Hansung Kim and Judy Chu each won $3,750. Sponsors of the event were MFASC, NASF, K&L Anodizing, General Brite, Uyemura, Miles Chemical, EME, Ronatec, Bowman Plating and Moore Training.




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