TCI Powder Coatings Launches New TruAnodize Powder Coating, AAMA 2604 Product Line

The powder coatings are designed specifically for architectural applications where the anodized look is desired.
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TCI Powder Coatings, a powder coating manufacturer and a proud subsidiary of RPM International company, has launched a newly developed powder coating product offering, the TruAnodize line, meeting AAMA 2604 specifications.


As part of the TruDurance architectural coatings product line, the powder coatings are designed specifically for architectural applications where the anodized look is desired. The company says the TruAnodize coatings are a smooth, low gloss powder coating applied in one coat with no clear coat required.


“We are excited to release this new highly specialized product line consisting of six stock products that offer an outstanding and attractive alternative to current anodized finishes on the market,” stated Steve Jones, Director of National Markets.


The six anodized appearances developed to match the most popular anodized colors are Light Bronze LR, Dark Bronze LR, Dark Bronze DR, Champagne LR, Black, and Bonded Clear. Ideal applications for these coatings include windows, doorframes, lighting, benches, wall panels, and rails.


The company says the coatings will eliminate the variation problems commonly associated with anodized metals while still meeting AAMA 2604 specifications in a one-coat powder coating.


For more information, please visit tcipowder.com


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