Trojan Powder Coating Collaborates with Artist Stephen Glassman

Flows Two Ways adorns the facade of Via 57 West, Bjarke Ingels Group’s first mixed-use residence building in New York City.
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Trojan Powder Coating in New York City worked on architectural project in partnership with artist Stephen Glassman that was commissioned by The Durst Organization (TDO), the innovative structure titled Flows Two Ways, which adorns the facade of Via 57 West, Bjarke Ingels Group’s (BIG) first mixed-use residence building in New York City. 

The installation, which was conceived and designed by Glassman, measures at an impressive 60 x 60 feet, and marks his first permanent, large-scale artwork in New York. To bring his vision to life, Glassman and his studio collaborated with Trojan Powder Coating on the custom color palette for the project. 

Inspired by the Hudson River’s Native American name and meaning— Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk, or the river that flows both ways—Flows Two Ways artfully showcases the strong connection and symbiosis between the city and the water. 

This inspiration, combined with the artist’s admiration for the work done by the Hudson River School, informed the sculpture’s palette, which showcases a mixture of bright and earthy tones of blues, greys, yellow and black that appear to change as the sun moves. The considered array of colors also mimics the Hudson River’s glow at sunset, injecting the West Side with a sense of energy and optimism.

Trojan Powder Coating created and applied the custom shades for Flows Two Ways, coating the aluminum, steel and metal tubing the sculpture is comprised of, including 35 interlocking aluminum panels, nearly 400 sixty-foot pipe clusters rolled and flowing in three axes, and faceted metal boulders.

“We were excited to partner with the Glassman Studio on this innovative sculpture,” says Keith Rein, Trojan’s Vice President who oversaw powder coating production for Flows Two Ways. “The project was executed over a short time period and our team worked diligently to ensure the color quality and coating was precisely what Stephen and his team had envisioned. We’re extremely proud of the finished product.”

Flows Two Ways is located at 601 West 57th Street, on the western wall of HELENA 57 WEST, the first residential tower built on the W57 superblock in 2005, immediately east of VIA, facing and signifying the VIA entrance.