Verta Opens Architectural Coating and Finishing Operation


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Verta Inc. has launched an architectural metal coating operation in Delano, Minnesota. The company was established in 1985 as the exclusive finisher for its sister company, Industrial Louvers, but is now branching out to new customers.

“We are really excited about the interest and opportunities we have received from the market,” says Brett Reinhardt, director of operations. “Our process is unique and offers significant advantages, including high-quality appearance, durability and sustainability.”

Verta is a certified applicator of Valspar and PPG aluminum extrusion formulations. Its standard finish is Valspar’s Fluropon Pure line of coatings. Extrusions and sheets as large as 2 feet wide by 6 feet high by 20 feet long can be processed within a standard setup. Larger sizes are also possible with special setup, the company says.

Reinhardt says Verta illustrates a commitment to sustainability throughout all of its operations in that:

  • Its facility and new paint line feature high-efficiency ovens that use a fraction of the energy of traditional ovens.
  • The wash system will use rainwater captured from the building’s roof for the wash process, reducing the amount of water used and the processing required to pretreat water for the system.
  • Water is filtered and recycled multiple times through the five-stage wash process, minimizing the amount of fresh rainwater required to fill the system.
  • The company’s new facility was designed and built to be ready for photovoltaic panels in the future.

Reinhardt say all of these innovations contributed to sister company ILI’s achievement of the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Challenge Petal certification.

Visit vertafinishing.com or call 763-972-7030 for information.


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