VIDEO: Inside the August Issue

Take a look inside the upcoming August issue of Products Finishing. Watch the video.


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Here is a look at the upcoming August issue of Products Finishing:

Our cover story takes a look at the new Bolta plant in Alabama, a massive plating-on-plastic facility serving the automotive industry. Bolta’s $48-million Alabama plant specializes in injection molding, plating on plastic and assembly. It opened in 2017 and has over 350 employees and more than 220,000 square feet of production space for the manufacturing of automotive nameplates and decorative trims that must be plated, including badges, grills, wing mirrors and trims for Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen.

Our feature on infrared curing looks at how it works well with powder coating applications and is also suitable for a liquid paint line. IR ovens provide a faster and complete cure on most products and coatings, and liquid coatings are no exception. The speed controls enable customers to save time and energy, and achieve improved quality.



We also look at how vibratory bowls design characteristics affect machine performance, and which characteristics to consider when ordering a machine. Vibratory bowls are outfitted with hot-poured polyurethane liners and their durometer hardness is an oft-cited characteristic, but we look at that hardness and how is it useful?

In our Finishing Touch column, we’ll tell you why those in the finishing industry should become one of the chosen few to speak at industry events, and how to make your presentation last a lifetime through a written white paper. The NASF is about to issue a ‘Call for Papers’ for the 2020 SUR/FIN show which will take place next June in Atlanta. More than 80 speakers will be chosen to present at the conference, and it would be magnificent if many of those presentations were turned into white papers that could live on forever.

In his Never Finished column, Matthew Kirchner writes about Minutes, Moments, Metrics and Mission. Matt asks if it is possible that we focus a bit too much effort on minutes and not enough on creating moments?.

Gardner Intelligence’s Michael Guckes says the finishing index sustains the prior month’s expansion. Guckes says the Finishing Index The latest Index reading is 13% lower compared to the same month one year ago, indicating slowing growth within the industry over the past year.

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