Wagner Purchases C.A. Technologies

CA has industry-leading products such as C14 Air-Assist-Airless Pump System and CAT-X Gravity Spray Gun.
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Wagner Group has acquired C.A. Technologies based in Louisville, Colorado, a U.S. manufacturer of spray guns and paint finishing equipment.


With industry-leading products such as the C14 Air-Assist-Airless Pump System, CAT-X Gravity Spray Gun and the  Panther Glue Gun, Wagner Group says C.A.Technologies continuously strives to bring the latest innovations to the industrial and automotive spray finishing industry while never sacrificing customer needs or service.


With this acquisition Wagner Group continues to strengthen its position in the application equipment market.


“C.A. Technologies is a perfect fit for our Industrial Solutions business strategy,” said Martin Kuerzinger, CEO of Wagner Group’s Industrial Solutions.”It offers a complimentary product line to Wagner’s existing liquid coating, powder coating, and dispensing solutions along with excellent application and customer service expertise.  This is exactly in line with what Wagner stands for: customer centricity and innovation.”


C.A. Technologies was founded in 1997 and provides extensive years of experience in the design and manufacture of spray finishing equipment. Focusing their expertise, C.A.T. offers the most comprehensive line of precision atomizing nozzles and aircaps available to complement its line of professional grade spray guns.


“C.A.Technologies is proud and excited to be joining the Wagner Group,” said Jim Jacquemard of C.A.Technologies. “Together, we look forward to achieving advancements in development and innovation, while continuing to provide stellar customer service and support. This partnership will advance our product portfolio and expand our global presence.”




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