Williams, Beckman to Chair Parts Cleaning Conference at IMTS

The Parts Cleaning Conference gives attendees updated information on the latest cleaning technologies.


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Darren Williams, Ph.D, and Lori Beckman will serve as the Parts Cleaning Conference technical chairs at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2020, in Chicago on Sept. 16.

Dr. Darren Williams and Lori Beckman

Dr. Darren Williams and Lori Beckman

Dr. Williams, a professor at Sam Houston State University, has been involved with the Parts Cleaning Conference for many years, and is a long-standing member of the cleaning industry. Beckman is parts cleaning editor of Production Machining and Products Finishing brands, and will help provide attendees a quality program with a top-notch speaker lineup.

Dr. Williams teaches Physical Chemistry I and II, General Chemistry I and II, and graduate courses in spectroscopy and thermodynamics at Sam Houston State. He has authored over two dozen research articles and a book chapter on parts cleaning.

A recent grant from the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program — a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Defense — helped Dr. Williams to identify, create and test azeotropic blends for the replacement of trichloroethylene and n- propylbromide solvents in military vapor degreasing operations.

Beckman has been reporting, writing and editing content in Production Machining since 2003. She attends IMTS and PMTS regularly, and visits machine shops and OEMs to find the most valuable content for readers. She is also the parts cleaning editor for Production Machining and Products Finishing magazines, covering the manufacturing parts cleaning segment of the industry. She has attended the parts2clean trade show in Germany and aids in organizing the Parts Cleaning Conference.

The Parts Cleaning Conference gives attendees updated information on the latest cleaning technologies. As environmental limitations become stricter and manufacturers demand high quality clean parts, this conference will detail how to make it all happen, while staying within compliance and on budget. Visit partscleaningevent.com

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