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8/1/2011 | 3 MINUTE READ

A Web of Intrigue: The All-New

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Re-launch of our website offers new information, improved technology


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Back in 1995 when they first began measuring people’s use of the Internet, it was a relatively “small” cluster of 16 million world-wide inhabitants who sat down in front of their massive-looking PCs and began looking up things on this web thingy that is so prevalent today.
Of course there was no such thing as Google or just yet, but the web was starting to take off as a true information highway for most people (superhighway would come later, when we all got past 64K of memory and onto the behemoths of today where we can now store every known document and movie we own on our laptop).
Suffice to say, the trend has grown. That 0.4 percent of the world’s population regularly dialing up back in 1995 has grown to more than 2 billion people today, or about 30 percent.
Thinking that there just might be a future there somewhere, Products Finishing magazine has long had a history on the web, starting with a recapitulation of our monthly feature stories and digests to expanding our reach with detailed finishing “zones,” supplier databases and new technology information that just can’t be found anywhere else.
So with the depth and breadth of our website unrivaled in the finishing industry, we set out late last year to update the site and make it even more usable and friendly for the tens of thousands of readers who visit the site each day, week and month to dig a little deeper into all things finishing.
This month we roll out Version 2.0, which we will think will give anyone who plates, paints, powder coats, anodizes, e-coats, buffs, polishes, grinds or does anything to put a sparkle on a product even more knowledge and information than anywhere else in the world.
A couple of things I wanted to point out for you when you visit the new and improved to see what we now offer our readers:
  • Daily news updates in our “PF Latest” blog that sits right at the top of the page. We will put any late-breaking industry news here along with unique items that come across our news desks, such as happenings in Washington DC, product developments, mergers and acquisitions, or just about anything that we think you need to know about right away. Keep checking every day, because we’ll be adding things daily.
  • Zones and processes are now more clearly defined at the top of the landing page, and also enjoy a better organized interior section where you can learn more detailed information about each of those disciplines such as plating, powder coating, anodizing, ecoating, mechanical finishing and others.
  • Previews of monthly feature articles and special supplements to help you quickly peruse stories and sections you may want to jump to fast and easily.
  • A “Have Finishing Questions?” section right on the landing page where you can send your perplexing finishing questions (and get an answer!) to our panel of experts such as Carl Izzo, Art Kushner, Rodger Talbert, David Peterson, Steve Schulte, Larry Chesterfield, Jose Tirado and Steve Marcus.
  • A broad ‘Calendar of Events’ for trade shows, training classes, seminars or special events from coast to coast.
  • An extensive ‘Supplier Database” to locate vendors for specialty products and supplies in areas such as cleaning/pretreatment, electrocoating, mechanical finishing, painting, plating, powder coating and pollution control.
  • A complete digest of Products Finishing magazine articles, features and how-tos that date back to 1998, or more than 150+ back issues.
We hope the new look and improved features will give you an even better resource for all your finishing needs. The goal is to provide our readers a virtual “learning library” for the finishing industry, and a place that is a depository of knowledge, information and how-to that will allow you to get the job done properly and at the highest quality.
So come on, join the 2 billion who partake on the information superhighway and give a visit and see what we have to offer. Just watch out for the traffic jams along the way.