Making Connections that Change the World

Welcome to Chicago for Big Event in June

Our next significant industry event – NASF SUR/FIN 2011 – is just around the corner.
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Our next significant industry event – NASF SUR/FIN 2011 – is just around the corner. I am truly honored, along with your NASF Board of Directors, to extend an invitation for you to attend both the show and the excellent program we’ve planned. We’ll kick things off at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago and have a full schedule of programs, exhibits and receptions from June 13th – 15th.


I believe that our industry and your association are clearly on stronger footing as we approach this year’s event. Much effort has been put forth by many NASF members to get us to this point, especially the hard work of your NASF SUR/FIN 2011 Steering Committee.

The SUR/FIN 2011 theme is “Making Connections that Change the World.” I believe the theme reflects our efforts to strengthen the ways we communicate and reach out to the many facets of our industry. One way we’re accomplishing that this year is through co-locating with the fastener industry’s event and program, and sharing our perspective and expertise on how to succeed in the global manufacturing value chain.
In line with our “making connections” theme, we’re also building on last year’s success and building a stronger international component to the program. We’ll therefore be hosting a significant delegation of industry leaders from the Brazilian finishing association, the ABTS, the UK-based Surface Engineering Association, and executive representatives from NASF’s Strategy Partner organization, the Brussels-based Nickel Institute, among others.
A related effort that will get more visibility at SUR/FIN 2011 is our Surface Technology Initiative campaign that we just kicked off at the NASF Washington Forum in April. We are taking a much more creative and proactive stance to promote what it is that the industry does and how that affects just about every aspect of our modern daily life. Watch for more new developments on the horizon.
Last year, we were determined to bring back a strong SUR/FIN in light of the challenges brought on by the economic crisis, and we did just that in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Attendees there were extremely pleased with the innovations we’re pursuing. There’s more to come this year in Chicago, and we hope you’ll choose to be a part of it.
So thank you in advance for your support of SUR/FIN 2011 and I trust that you find this important event of value to you and your company. Additionally, your comments and suggestions are welcomed on how we might make SUR/FIN an even better event for the future.
Anthony R. Revier
NASF President