You Say You Want a Resolution?

Editor Tim Pennington asked finishers for their New Year’s resolves, and here are their responses.


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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said “Resolve, and thou art free.” Obviously, Hank was like a lot of us, and needed to stop smoking or lose a few pounds.

We’ve all done it: set resolutions and then promptly broke them as soon as someone at work passed around birthday cake. We attempt to better ourselves and maybe pledge to be better to those around us.

I asked some of my friends in the finishing industry what type of resolutions they were imposing on themselves for the new year. Here’s a sampling from those silly enough to share with me:

“In years past, it might have been losing a few pounds, or getting out and walking, or even to quit crushing beer cans on my head,” says Ray Lucas, president, Valley Chrome. “But after pondering this, I have to say just to give a quick smile and an encouraging word to my siblings, who have also been my partners for the last 50 years.”

Dallas Cooley, vice president of sales, Georgia Powder Coating, says he quit making resolutions a few years back because they were short-lived and never gained much traction. He now uses a free online goal planner called Clean Sweep. “This process always pulls the unspoken desires I have out on paper and formulates them into a goal,” Cooley says.

Chuck Zinke, president, Perfection Industrial Finishing: “Read more and share books I feel have empowered me with my team.”

Milt Stevenson Jr., vice president, Anoplate: “Business-wise, plate more; personally, plate less; I’ve added too much to my own ‘bottom line’ of late.”

Kurt Weamer, director of marketing and sales, Wolkerstorfer: “Continue to build and enjoy the relationships I have, and enjoy when Notre Dame beats Syracuse. That would be a shot at Milt Stevenson.”

Steffen Wolkerstorfer, owner, Wolkerstorfer: “Be more intentional about how I spend my time.”

Michael Feldstein, president, Surface Technology: “Travel with my fantastic family and to valued customers.”

Geoffrey Smith, general manager, Parker Trutec: “Text less and put my phone down in the evenings.”

Kevin Cancino, business development manager, Electro Polish: “Kiss my wife more often, pray more, visit more customers, and better CRM.”

Jeanne Bell, controller, Westside Finishing: “Get out and do more networking.”

Richard Macary, president, Arlington Plating: “Be more ‘in the moment.’”

Adam Adkisson, president, Metal Processing International: “Make more memories with my four kids.”

Allan Phillips, president, The Metal Finishing Center: “Refrain from mentioning the president in any discussion.”

Rick Hunter, president, A.M. Metal Finishing: “Have at least one planned three-day work week a month and one large trip a year.”

Dan Atkinson, vice president, Silvex: “Teach my grandchildren how to play golf.”

Joseph Manzoli, president, Colourfast: “Save the world, one color at a time.”

Scott Rauter, principal, Micron Metal Finishing: “Get in shape and eat healthier. Last year I quit smoking, so I’m on a roll.”

Keith Eidschun, president, Freedom Metal Finishing: “Take more time off from work. We can all wish.”

]Cory McCabe, vice president, Prime Powder Coating: “Cut back from two alarms in the morning to one.”

Cole Scego, president, Select Powder Coating: “Coat more parts. Coat fewer of them twice.”

Tom Lynde, president, Safeway Services: “Take time to enjoy all the little things in life.”

Claude Fournier, president, Sixpro: “Take care of my health, and play golf with my friends on beautiful golf courses.”

Phillip Brockman, president, Techmetals: “Sharpen the saw on our people, products and processes.”

Lanny Woods, president, Pro-Kote: “Get out of this crazy finishing business and go to a beach.”

Wayne Wallace, president, Augusta Coating: “Have all of our valued associates feel part of and participate in ACM’s growth opportunities.”

Ken Mantle, general manager, Coating Technologies: “Spend more time on the important things like faith, family and friends, and less time on ‘stuff.’”

Al Johnson, president, Valmont/ACT: “Be a better listener.”

Barry Kendall, president, BK Industrial: “Work less, and enjoy more time with my family.”

Nick Salvati Jr., director of operations, Cadillac Plating: “Put more effort to reduce stress. Never happens. Such is life.”

Bill Stock, president, Microfinish: “Spend less time in the office and more time outside enjoying God’s beautiful creation.”

John Heyer, president, Kettle Moraine Coatings: “Lock away more time for family and friends.”

Francisco Hornelas, general manager, Censa: “Keep being a Top Shop.”

Elliott Blackwelder, president, Seminole Metal Finishing: “Have more time for travel and leisure time with my wife, friends and family.”

Eric Brand, vice president, Co-Line: “Invest more time with my kids; they are growing up fast.”

Lee Bradshaw, general manager, Surtronics: “Explore somewhere new, reconnect with old friends, and make new friends.”

Larry Dietz, general manager, Professional Plating: “Step back more often and let others give their input first rather than trying to jump ahead.”

Best wishes to everyone this New Year.