Media Blast or Acid Pickle: Removing Laser Edge and Weld Scale

October 10

Cleaning and preparing complex laser cut and welded parts for a quality a high quality paint finish is a difficult task. In this webinar, Chris Berger, Vice President and Director of Product Development for Calvary Industries, will discuss the mechanical process, chemical process, and pretreatment choices. Paint adhesion and corrosion protection in these heat effected areas is a stumbling block for many manufacturers. This webinar will give you some new options to consider. 

Primary Topics: 
- Is blast or pickle right for you? 
- Effectively combining mechanical and chemical processes 
- Acid cleaner and pretreatment options 

Presenter: Chris Berger, Vice President and Director of Product Development 
Developing cleaners and metal finishing products for specific customer applications and starting up new processes for nearly 20 years, Chris understands the decision making to get to the right process for your manufacturing requirements.

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