How to Establish Quantitative Control of Cleaning Processes

August 29

Cleanliness in product finishing is critical for several reasons. For example, particulates generated in casting and machining processes must be effectively removed to prevent premature wear of sliding and rotating parts. Because of this, one of the final steps in component manufacture is the cleaning process. Washer systems can be quite effective at removal of particulate contaminants. However, performance of bonding, coating, and finishing operations are not dependent on particulate removal efficiency, but rather on the chemical cleanliness of the surface. These processes depend on being able to establish a strong and stable interface with the part surface, which requires establishing and controlling surface cleanliness on a molecular level. This trend toward high-performance adhesive bonding and coating is forcing a reevaluation of the performance of parts washers. 

Primary Topics: 
• The meaning of surface cleanliness which goes beyond particulates. 
• Quantifying parts washers 
• How to measure surface cleanliness 
• Establishing strong interfaces that are ready for successful adhesion 

Presenter: Giles Dillingham 
Giles Dillingham, Executive and Chief Scientist of BTG Labs, has worked in the areas of surfaces, interfaces, and adhesive bonding for approximately 30 years. After earning a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Cincinnati, he worked in the Advanced Composites laboratory of the Dow Chemical Company developing a fundamental understanding of surface treatments for high modulus polymeric fiber reinforcements for aerospace applications. Later as Technical Director of HiTech Polymers he oversaw development and manufacture of novel thermoplastic blends and fiber reinforced composites. Returning to the University of Cincinnati in the mid 1990’s he worked extensively on plasma processing of materials and adhesive bonding of advanced composites. He incorporated BTG Labs during this period and has been growing the company full-time since 2001.

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