SCADA & Finishing Systems – Gathering Real-Time Data and What to Do with It

June 09, 2020

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This session will demonstrate advanced computer controls and operations that can be developed for any sophisticated automated system. This includes showing recipe control, system/carrier status, alarm options & tracking, optimal part loading/mask instructions, and reporting, as well as discussing preventive maintenance, ERP/robotic integrations, and mobile options. Examples will be shown from screenshots taken from an existing automated finishing control system and other types of systems developed for other industries.

Primary Topics:

  • Define SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) programming
  • Why we don't see smart SCADA more often in finishing
  • What a smart finishing system SCADA looks like
  • How a SCADA data system can improve your finishing operation

John Claman
Sales, IntelliFinishing
John has worked for IntelliFinishing since 2017, providing the most flexible automated finishing system in the industry.  IntelliFinishing is a division of Kasa  - known for automating many automotive facilities for the “big three” and others. Before IntelliFinishing, John worked in sales for IntelliFinishing's parent company, Kasa Controls and Automation. Prior to Kasa, John worked for 25 plus years in Marketing, Marketing Research, Data Analytics, and Sales. In his “free time” he occasionally dabbles in acting at his local community theatre. He's originally from Colorado and went to the University of Colorado.