NASF & EPA Discussion: Outlook for Federal PFAS Regulations for Surface Finishing Industry

July 28, 2020 |

The US EPA is implementing a national strategy on PFAS that includes reviewing possible new requirements for various industries. Join NASF online along with federal EPA for this milestone session of the virtual NASF Washington Forum.

´╗┐NASF will host a July “virtual” Washington Forum session on EPA's current review of PFAS compounds, and whether the surface finishing industry may require specific new effluent guidelines and pretreatment standards for PFAS under the Clean Water Act.

Guest presenters Rob Wood from the US Environmental Protection Agency in Washington and Dr. Janet Anderson of GSI Environmental have worked closely with NASF on a number of issues related to EPA's National PFAS Action Plan.

The session will focus on the efforts of EPA's Office of Water to evaluate the need to address PFAS compounds as part of the effluent guidelines program governing industry categories of wastewater discharges and recent legislative, regulatory and policy developments related to PFAS. Topics will include:

  • The status of EPA's evaluation of PFAS for the effluent guidelines program
  • Potential data and information needs to facilitate the evaluation
  • Possible outcomes of the PFAS evaluation and potential impacts on industrial dischargers and POTWs
  • Recent technical developments for sampling and analyzing PFAS and categorizing PFAS compounds
  • Evolving federal and state initiatives to address PFAS concerns
  • Efforts to identify PFAS sources and measures to reduce PFAS discharges
  • Industry efforts to implement best management practices for addressing PFAS issues