Measuring Coatings and Electroplating Thicknesses: Different Methods, Techniques, and Testing Solutions

July 23

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Modern manufacturing uses a wide variety of coatings and surface finishes to achieve very specific product requirements. Paint, powder coatings, polymers, and electroplated metals are used to prevent corrosion, improve wear characteristics, increase reliability, and provide decorative finishes.

Most coatings require a thickness measurement to confirm the desired properties are met; improve yield, reduce scrap, save money, and ultimately improve quality.

This session will provide an overview of different coating thickness test methods available to the coatings and plating professional.


Primary Topics:

  • An overview of different coating thickness measurement methods and techniques
  • Factors in selecting the correct test method
  • Why instrument accuracy and repeatability are both important
  • The importance of traceability


Rob Weber
Director of Product Mangement, Fischer Technology
Rob has been working with Fischer Technology for 13 years.  He began his career with Fischer as a field sales engineer, then after 10 years transitioned to applications and product support.  In 2019 he was promoted to Director of Product Management.  He is a member of NACE, SSPC, IPC and NASF. Prior to joining Fischer, Rob spent over 10 years as a service engineer with a leading supplier of thin film metrology to the semiconductor industry.