Use Technology to Optimize Your Process and Powder Coatings Performance

August 25, 2020

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Today you may hear a lot about suggested improvements or enhancements to your process or product. But how do you move past the smoke and mirrors and get to the good stuff that can really make a difference?

In this webinar, Steve Houston will walk you through ten of the best and most useful innovations available today that are proven to show results in cost reduction, production gains and product performance. You will leave with useful tools that can be implemented immediately that will show marked results.

Primary Topics:

  • Implement tools for cost reduction, production gains, and product performance
  • Hear ten of the best and most useful innovations available today
  • Learn what you can implement immediately that will show marked results

Steve Houston
Business Director, Vitracoat America
For more than 35 years, Steve Houston, has managed large sales organizations, technical support teams, research and development groups and has years of experience as a speaker and trainer for powder coatings. Steve served as DuPont's Marketing and Sales Excellence Leader for the Coatings and Color Technologies Platform as well as Global Marketing Director for the Industrial Coatings Division. He served as the Executive Director for The Powder Coatings Institute and then Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Expansion for the powder division of RPM. Currently, Steve is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Vitracoat, the largest independent powder supplier to the western hemisphere.