11 Critical Factors for Identifying the Right Cleaning Chemistry

March 31

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When it comes to industrial parts cleaning, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The identification of the most suitable cleaning method hinges on various factors: types of metals and contamination, complexity and volume of components to be cleaned, production oil used, regulations compliance and approved substances, to name just a few. While having parts that are cleaned to spec every time, the first time – is clearly the goal – how can companies do so with least consumption of resources? This webinar will provide attendees with a practical guide to help them evaluate the right cleaning chemistry that is best suited to their process.

Primary Topics:

  • Solvents can be a sustainable cleaning choice
  • Maximizing cleaning while minimizing resources
  • How to know what level of cleanliness is achievable
  • Case studies on overcoming specific cleaning challenges


Jeff Davis
SVP of Business Development and Distribution, Hubbard-Hall
Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the marketing and sales of chlorinated, fluorinated and alternative solvents. His experience includes recommending various solvents, equipment and testing protocols for a wide range of cleaning requirements from industrial vapor degreasing to precision and electronics cleaning.

Stefan Lukowski
European Sales Manager, SAFECHEM
With a decade’s worth of industry experience, Stefan Lukowski has helped numerous businesses from diverse sectors optimise industrial cleaning processes while ensuring worker safety and regulation compliance.