CALeye 2.0: Customizable, Automated Control for Pretreatment Systems

September 17

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This presentation will discuss the importance of control of your pretreatment systems. CALeye 2.0 is a fully adaptable control and data acquisition system which monitors, controls, and documents pretreatment system parameters. CALeye 2.0 provides access to historical and real-time information, alarms, and auto-correction, which will provide you the confidence that you are effectively controlling your manufacturing processes.

Primary Topics:
• How CALeye increases control and quality of your finishing systems
• Why a team of Calvary engineers developed the CALeye in-house
• How CALeye exceeds the capabilities of other control methods
• How CALeye is fully adaptable to meet your specific needs


Josh Yeary
Lab Manager, Calvary Industries

Jonny Mansell
CALeye Project Lead, Calvary Industries

Andrew Waugh
IT Analyst, Calvary Industries