Specifications and Certification

Who is responsible for the testing and certification that parts meet specifications?

Spent Bulbs as Hazwaste

I wish to emphasize the significance of one critical word in your response “...usually fitted with green end caps and certified to pass TCLP”. Unless you have that certification on hand for your lamps, or TCLP results from a certified laboratory, you may find during your next inspection that the cost of (mis)managing your lamps has more than erased all the savings you made.
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Liquid Coating

Automobile Painting Courses

I just had to respond to W. G. about spending $28,000 for automobile painting classes.

Liquid Coating

Automobile Painting Classes

There is an institute (Name Withheld) that will teach painting, custom painting, etc, but you must also sign up for their auto collision and refinishing course. Unfortunately, I learned that these courses would cost me $28,000 as quoted to me by the institute representative. I thought that was FAR too high, and will pursue your advised method of practicing and learning by trial and error, picking up pointers from people I meet, or technical books you can buy at the painter supply shops.
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Plating Certification

Question: When you ask for a plating certification what information should be expected?

Thanks for the "Heads Up"

We had been unaware of our state’s implementing the Phase 2 regulations, effective this month (March). It turns out we can qualify for the no-exposure certification, but, since there is no mention of its existence until page 105 of a 154-page state permit document, without your heads-up we might never have found it. PF continues to deliver far beyond its format size.
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Perspectives: Help with ISO 14000 Certification

First, there was ISO 9000 compliance.