Rockwell Collins Gets $1M Defense Contract For Reducing Growth Of "Tin Whiskers"

See the VIDEO of how microscopic metal fibers can form on lead-free metal coatings and cause short circuits in electronics
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Liquid Coating

Fungus-Resistant Topcoat

We are using a mil spec polyurethane topcoat, MIL-PRF-85285, on an electronics housing, and I am trying to find a reference indicating that this topcoat is fungus-resistant.
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Mechanical Finishing

Investigation of Tin Whisker Formation

Immersion tin and lead-free hot air solder leveling (HASL) coatings based on SnCu or SnAgCu alloys are widely used as surface finish materials for printed circuit boards (PCB). These coatings prevent the underlying copper from corrosion and preserve its solderability during lead-free assembly processes and for a long storage life of PCBs.
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2020 Vision: Vacuum Coatings

Across all industries – medical device, automotive, electronics, military and aerospace ‑ electronic components are becoming smaller in size, but more complex in application capabilities.
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Finishing Chemical Business Could Hit $8B by 2015

A new report out suggests that sales of metal finishing chemicals could hit $8 billion globally by 2015, driven by electronics and electrical, motor vehicle equipment and the aerospace industries.  
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Validation of New Generation Tooling Concept for Electroplating of Copper on Printed Circuit Boards

A dynamically software controlled electroplating tooling concept has been developed to compensate the pattern dependence of the deposited layer thickness on different substrates. In this paper a validation of this new tooling concept on industry relevant printed circuit boards is presented. Simulations are compared with experimental results as obtained in a prototype electroplating cell. A quantitative improvement of the plating thickness uniformity between a standard electroplating cell and the advanced tooling approach is given. The influence of the conductivity of the electrolyte on the deposit distribution is studied and indicates a way to obtain a significant improvement in uniformity.

Electronics Evolution

Plater adjusts operations to meet changing customer demands


Silver Keeps Pace

Electroplating chemistries evolve to meet electronics industry needs
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Trends in Making Ultrasonic Frequency Work for You

Well-designed ultrasonic cleaning systems have a proven track record of delivering gentle yet thorough parts-cleaning without regulated solvents to industries as diverse as aerospace, electronics, automotive and coating.
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RoHS and ELV Compliant Electroless Nickel

Over the past few years, a number of new environmental directives have come out of Europe and Asia encompassing mainly the automotive and electronics industries.
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Printed Circuit Boards: Final Finish Options

The global printed circuit board industry has experimented with various solderability preservatives including organics, immersion tin, immersion silver, electroless nickel/immersion gold and others. This article examines the strengths and weaknesses of each...

Quality Finishing: Maximizing Electronics Plating Efficiency

Precision Plating adopted a new technology for processing its flat rolled sheet metal in strip-coil form…

Fluoride Removal

Question For our printed circuit board plating plants, please let us know how to treat/recover fluoride-bearing effluents.

Connecting with the Right Finish

Delta Electronics tried different finishes for its connectors, non-cyanide finishes, but it wanted to keep its customers happy...

High-Precision Aqueous Cleaning

Semi-aqueous centrifugal cleaning of printed circuit boards proves to be a good call for a telecommunications company . . .

Consolidating Electronics Plating Lines

ITT Industries, Cannon reviewed its plating setup and developed a strategy for the plating department. Its first step was to consolidate the pr'ous metal plating lines into one automated line...

Acid Recycling at Plating for Electronics

Saving money, streamlining production, reducing waste and improving worker safety were some of the goals Plating for Electronics aimed for when it started investigating diffusion dialysis...
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Immersion Gold on Copper

Question: I have a project involving the deposit of gold on a printed circuit board that is “copper finished.” Can this be done with immersion plating?

Anticipating the Future of Electronics Plating

Precision Plating implements competitive strategies...


Precision Plating of Electronic Components

Electronics plating may appear simple, but getting it right for each customer is an accomplishment...