Columbia's Tricol Reclaim Reduces Trivalent Chrome Costs

Columbia Chemical has launched its Tricol Reclaim solution for trivalent chromium plating, which it says lowers process costs between 40 and 60 percent.


Metal Chem Celebrates Grand Opening of New Facility

Metal Chem is celebrating the grand opening of its new primary location in Greenville, S.C. This facility drastically expands Metal Chem’s production and R&D capacity.


Rhodium Prices Rally in Response to Clean Air Legislation

Environmental legislation increases the demand for rhodium, a precious metal used in electroplating as well as catalytic converters.


In Memorium: Harold G. Jacklin, FM Callahan & Son Inc.

Harold G. Jacklin, owner of FM Callahan & Son Inc. passed away on January 6, 2021 at the age of 87. 


NASF Announces Web-based Plating Essentials Course

NASF’s Plating Essentials course will provide an overview of critical finishing subjects which will be covered more in-depth during the CEF course. 


Plating Systems & Technologies Changes Hands

Plating Systems & Technologies has changed presidents, with David Rochester purchasing the business from founder Tom Rochester. Tom will remain as CTO.


Houston Plating & Coatings Eases Difficult EN Application

Houston Plating & Coatings says it has a new, proprietary EN process that, when combined with its new equipment, can plate high-pressure gas cylinders.


Atotech's DynaSmart Plating Line Enhances Efficiency

Atotech’s DynaSmart includes a new automation system that allows the simultaneous movement of several product carriers through different plating tanks.


In Memorium: Tom Lucas, 1953-2020

Thomas Anthony Lucas, CFO and general manager of Valley Chrome Plating Inc. passed away on December 17, 2020 at the age of 67.


Technic Releases Boron-Free TechniBuffer IG pH Buffer

Technic Italgalvano has developed TechniBuffer IG, a boron-free pH buffer for nickel plating that the company says produces higher-quality results than boric-acid solutions.


Alumina Reinforced ENiP Offers a Versatile Substitute for Electroplated Hard Chromium

This study investigated the addition of Cirrus Alumina Dopant™, a nanoparticle additive, to a variety of low phosphorus electroless nickel baths to evaluate the performance of the resulting nanocomposite coating as a potential replacement for hard chromium.  The results offer a vbersatile substitute for hard chromium in a broad range of applications.


Doerken Hires Marketing and Portfolio Implementation Manager

Doerken Corporation USA has hired Jacqueline Orow as its new marketing and portfolio implementation manager.


Coventya Enacts Leadership Changes

Coventya is promoting Lon Thrasher, Dr. Thorsten Kühler and Dr. Klaus Wojczykowski to new upper-level management positions.


Electro-codeposition of MCrAlY Coatings for Advanced Gas Turbine Applications - 11th Quarterly Research Report

The aim of this research is to seek a sulfur-free plating solution for electro-codeposition of (Ni,Co)-CrAlY composite coatings.  In this quarter, a sulfur-free, all-chloride plating solution was investigated to lower the sulfur content in the Ni-Co coating matrix.  Optimized bath composition and the use of a wetting agent are critical to good results.


Electro Chemical Finishing Earns DecoKlad License

Electro Chemical Finishing has earned DecoKlad licensing, becoming the third applicator in North America authorized for MacDermid Enthone Fashion Finishes.

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Ecoat Enables Chest X-Ray System

A diverse customer base is key for small shops like Giering Metal Finishing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company says one of its largest growth areas has been with a customer manufacturing chest x-ray systems.


Coventya Announces October 2020 Promotions

Coventya would like to recognize its October 2020 promotions of Matthew Wojcik, James Yahnke and Maurice Mills.

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Inside Antimicrobial Coatings

Examining types of antimicrobial coatings from efficacy to regulatory considerations, with input from same major players in the industry.


COVENTYA Launches Personalized "Lunch and Learn" Webinars

COVENTYA is launching “Lunch and Learn” webinars, providing live, personalized educational content meant to fit into employees’ lunch breaks.


Reliable Plating Works Launches Custom Chrome Division

Reliable Plating Works is opening Custom Chrome, a new department that will serve the chromium needs of independent creators and small businesses.


Technibrite HT 1000 Eases Bright Acid Tin Plating Production

Technibrite HT 1000 from Technic Inc. offers a number of improvements to the bright acid tin-plating process in efficacy, final appearance and usability.


Plating with Zinc-Nickel: Benefits and Challenges

Chad Murphy of Columbia Chemical speaks about the benefits of various types of zinc-nickel alloy, and provides tips for manufacturers about the zinc-nickel plating process.


Rochester ACS Names Berl Stein 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year

The Rochester Section of the American Chemical Society has named Berl Stein, founder of NiCoForm, as its 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year.


SIFCO ASC Reduced Selective Plating Costs with Automation

SIFCO ASC’s automated selective plating workstation not only improved the surface quality of finished products, it reduced process times by 90% and saved Powell Electrical Systems around $100,000 annually.

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