Kontek Automation Enables Water Treatment for Aerospace Surface Finishing Line

New aerospace surface finishing facility includes a highly customized Kontek system to handle process water purification, wastewater and recovery requirements.

HEMCO CCS Restrains Airborne Particulates

HEMCO’s new controlled containment system enclosure provides a solution for containing airborne particles released during sampling procedures.

MacDermid Launches Environmental Solutions Business

MacDermid Envio Solutions will focus on helping customers profitably reduce their environmental impact through proprietary water treatments and materials recycling solutions.

Kontek Ion Exchange Systems Deionize Water for Recycling

The Rekon's applications include raw water purification, softening and deionization, wastewater recovery and recycling, polishing and targeted ion recovery.

Techsolutions R.J. Provides Waste Management Solutions

The company provides customized training in electroplating, wastewater treatment and management, pure water production, process improvement, troubleshooting and root cause analysis.


Tri-Mer Provides Range of Anodizing Lines and Pollution Control Equipment

Tri-Mer's range of pollution control equipment includes odor control systems, corrosive fumes scrubbers, chrome scrubbers and more.

Midwest Air Products to Display Range of Pollution-Control Products

Products are designed to solve environmental control problems and include corrosion-resistant PVC air pollution control equipment.

US Ecology Provides Green Solutions for Finishing Shops

US Ecology uses specialized recycling methods such as recovering metals from liquids and solids.

Stenner Peristaltic Metering Pumps Inject Solutions For pH Control

Stenner peristaltic metering pumps include variable speed, proportional or electro-mechanical.

Dakk's Drop-in Liners Provide Fast Fluid Containment Solution

Drop-in liners are said to be a quick, cost-effective solution for leaking steel and concrete tanks that are used for metal finishing.

Sirco Industrial's CLRS-10 Rinse System Self-Regenerates

System self-regenerates as necessary with a supply of acid and caustic — about 5 gallons of 50% HCL and 4 gallons of 50% NaOH, with a 150-gallon waste holding tank.

Crossair Response Team Fixes Air Pollution Control Systems in Emergencies

Crossair also provides maintenance programs to keep systems at optimum performance and prevent lost production time.

Iwaki America Offers Magnetically Driven Pumps

Available in low-cost, glass-filled polypropylene and chemically resistant ETFE Teflon, its range of products cover low- to high-flow applications.

Susan Barnatowicz Joins Gannon & Scott

R.I.-based precious metal reclamation company Gannon & Scott has announced that Susan Barnatowicz has joined its customer service team.

Compressed air filtration system removes contaminates down to .01 micron

Walmec’s new .01 Micron SuperStar Filter removes vapors and contaminates down to .01 micron for applications requiring the highest standard of compressed air.


PRAB Ultrafiltration Systems Offer Smaller Footprints

Ultrafiltration system comes in two compact versions.

Liquid Coating

H.L. Blachford Acquires Markee International

Purchase includes all patents and formulations for lubricants for pre and post sintering powdered metal applications.


Ecoat2020 Registration Opens

Event includes keynote addresses, general sessions, panel discussions and focused workshops on relevant issues faced by today's electrocoaters.


California Issues Mandatory PFAS Testing Requirements for Chrome Plating Facilities

California State Water Resources Control Board issued order requiring mandatory environmental assessment at 271 chrome plating facilities.

Liquid Coating

Intelligent Calendar Assists in EHS Compliance

Environmental compliance calendar gives businesses a personalized calendar for EHS reporting.


Updating Hexavalent Chromium Detection Capabilities

An industry safety expert suggests testing methods to detect hexavalent chromium needs to adapt to ever changing industrial environments to provide shorter time-sample results.

Eurovac Engineers Dust/Fume Extractions

Products include portable/central vacuum systems, dust collectors, wet collectors, downdraft tables, fume arms and portable extractors.


Industrial Cleaning Furnaces Remove Pollutants

Controlled pyrolysis process converts organic-based materials into a carbon-based smoke which passes through a 1,500ºF afterburner exiting the exhaust stack as odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Parts Cleaning

Hubbard-Hall Focuses on Surface Finishing, Waste Treatment Solutions

Company offers broad spectrum of cleaning, stripping, rust inhibition and industrial wastewater treatment products.