Production Plus Offers Custom Racking Solutions

Products designed to maximize density and efficiency in powder, ecoat, plating and wet spray systems.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel

If you are not sure if the 3-stage washer is the best way to prepare the metal for powder, then Rodger Talbert has some tips to get the material ready.

Liquid Coating

Getting Your Pretreatment Process Ready for a Changeover to Thin Film Coating

Tomasz Slezak from Chemetall says thin-film technology enhances corrosion protection and paint adhesion, while providing a cost-efficient, eco-friendly process.  

Liquid Coating

Evaluating and Solving Racking Needs on Any Scale

Taking on a new coating project can be challenging, but Donovan Dixon of ProductionPlus says proper planning can make things go smoother, especially if you are implementing a new line or a larger project.

Powder Coating

How To Better Control Powder Coating Film Thickness

If you struggle to avoid light coating in some areas of your parts, then expert Rodger Talbert has some suggestions on how to better control film build.

Liquid Coating

Options for Removing Paint from Part Racks

Traditionally, paint removal is achieved by either mechanical, thermal or chemical methods, and often it is contracted out.There are some key disadvantages to outsourcing your paint-removal requirements, however, explains Atotech’s Sylvain Masson.

Powder Coating

Leading an Effective and Efficient Powder Coating Operation

Axalta Coating Systems’ Mike Withers has some sound advice for an inexperienced painter who’s been charged with running a powder line.

Powder Coating

Fixing Adhesion Failures and Bubbles in Powder Coating on Zinc

Expert Rodger Talbert helps a coater who is having issues with the application of powder on zinc castings.


Using Eductors to Achieve Uniform Plating

The ABCs of good plating from Bex’s Dave Keely: agitation balances chemistry.

Are Burn-Off Ovens Safe?

Steelman Industries’ Carlton Mann says burn-off ovens are safe, and he offers some considerations for installing one.

Liquid Coating

Tips for Applying Epoxy and High-Solids Paint

Controlling a coating’s thermal viscosity is a top priority, says Sames Kremlin’s Steve Romer.


RighTech Maintains Decades-Deep Design Library

RighTech Fabrications offers an extensive library of heat exchangers, racking systems, anode baskets, custom components and specialty fasteners, having created thousands of parts and designs for metal finishing clients over its 50 years in business.

Powder Coating

Determining the Best Racking Arrangement for Powder Coating

Use common sense to figure out the optimum hanging patterns for coating parts, advises powder expert Rodger Talbert.


Reducing Ecoat Costs Without Affecting Quality

Axalta’s Joe Subda suggests taking an eight-step problem-solving approach to get cost savings from an electrocoating operation.

Powder Coating

Improving Corrosion Protection

How can you improve a powder coating system to prevent corrosion on parts? Powder Expert Rodger Talbert suggests adding blasting and priming.


Solving Corrosion on Black-Dyed 7000 Series Alloy

What caused corrosion on one shop’s black-dyed parts? Anodizing expert Larry Chesterfield offers troubleshooting advice.

Powder Coating

Controlling Dirt on Coated Parts

What can be done to better control the amount of dirt in a powder system and on coated parts? Powder expert Rodger Talbert weighs in on this and other questions.

Powder Coating

When to Look at Racking Options on a New Line

Where does racking fit in planning a new powder coating line? Production Plus’ Donovan Dixon says right from the start.


Choosing the Best Strike Chemistry

Q. How do we ensure we have the best available strike chemistry for our plating application? Coventya’s Brad Durkin explains how process and the sequences are an important metric to success.


How to Apply the 720 Rule to Current Density Anodizing

What can you tell me about the 720 Rule as it applies to current density anodizing? Plating expert Sjon Westre, Ph.D., from Chemeon answers this question.

Powder Coating

How to Increase Line Density

Q. Our finishing shop applies both liquid and powder applications, as well as some plating, too. How can we increase our racking line density by adding more parts per foot? Racking expert Scott Rempala has the answer. 

Powder Coating

How to Increase Throughput with Racking

Q. How can I increase the throughput of my finishing line through proper racking protocols?

Parts Cleaning

Can Aqueous Alkaline Cleaner Be Used on Aluminum?

Q. Should I not use the same bath to process aluminum and stainless steel? Can aqueous alkaline cleaner be used on aluminum?

Powder Coating

Measuring and Controlling Transfer Efficiency

Q. Our automatic powder guns are nine years old and doing okay, but we want to enhance our transfer efficiency and reduce material cost. What is the right way to measure powder gun transfer efficiency and how can it be improved?