NASF Releases Public Policy Update for April 2021

NASF has released a Policy Update for April summarizing some of the pertinent regulatory developments and new announcements from recent days.

NASF Regulatory Alert: OSHA Launches COVID-19 National Emphasis Program

OSHA launched a new National Emphasis Program to protect high-risk workers from COVID-19 hazards. The program prioritizes employers that retaliate against workers who complain about unsafe or unhealthful conditions.

NASF Releases Public Policy Update for March 2021

NASF has released a Policy Update for March summarizing some of the pertinent regulatory developments and new announcements from recent days.

NASF OSHA Alert: OSHA Proposed Update to Hazard Communication Standard

OSHA recently issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) to amend and update the agency’s Hazard Communication Standard. 


NASF Regulatory Alert February 2021

OSHA Takes First Step to Strengthen  Federal COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines in 2021.

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AkzoNobel Set To Acquire Industrias Titan's Paints Division

Dutch paint company AkzoNobel will acquire Spanish company Industrias Titan's decorative paints business, pending regulatory approvals expected by Q1 2021.


Dupont's Metallized Plastic Parts are Chrome-Free

The Ecoposit 95X high-throw, low-stress copper meets chrome-free regulation standards.

Parts2clean Offers Latest in Cleaning Technology

The largest parts cleaning trade show in the world, parts2clean offers a peek into the future of U.S. parts cleaning regulations and technology in a travel-friendly part of the world.


Webinar Discusses Switch from Hexavalent to Trivalent

Columbia Chemical and Products Finishing will host a free webinar on October 18 that will address regulations, process differences, conversion details, cost factors and benefits.


Sky’s the Limit in Aerospace

California’s EME Inc. and its owner both have thrived, despite regulatory challenges.


Nickel: Science, Health and the Future - The 52nd William Blum Lecture

This presentation is the 52nd William Blum Lecture, presented at SUR/FIN 2015 in Rosemont, Illinois on June 8, 2015. In this lecture, Dr. Hudson Bates discusses the nickel research in his group at the Nickel Producers Environmental Research Association (NiPERA), which impact occupational health and environmental issues for nickel.  This includes nano-particulates, toxicity of mixtures, ambient air effects, and providing good science in regulatory matters.


Electronic Plating: OutREACH or OverREACH?

U.S. chemical companies can benefit from compliance with the European regulation.

Metals Loading Study Supports Milwaukee Finishers' Stand Against Regulations: Then and Now

In July of this year, our NASF Report featured a major success for the surface finishing industry, the results of a 2014-2016 study of wastewater discharged to the POTWs in Milwaukee.  What follows here is the story going back 30 years, when an initial study of Milwaukee metal finishers’ discharge to the POTWs dramatically refuted the negative image portrayed by others.  It’s only gotten better since.

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Author: Time for EPA to Lead in 'Real World' Safety Standards

"I implore our new administration in Washington to take the lead and bring good sense and reason back into the regulatory process."


NASF Report: May 2017

Regulatory Alert: California Targeting Finishing Air Emissions Below Nanogram Levels

National Election Dominates NASF Washington Forum

Annual NASF Washington Forum is to get the latest info on important legislative and regulatory matters.


The National Election Dominates the Discussion at the 2016 NASF Washington Forum

An essential NASF conference to get the latest on important legislative and regulatory matters.


NASF Report May 2016: The Surface Technology Environmental Resource Center

NASF and its foundation partner with National Center for Manufacturing Science to better coordinate regulatory and ethical guidance for finishers.

NASF Report February 2016: What’s the Impact of REACH Rules on U.S. Surface Treatment?

The brief summary below the EU’s regulation on REACH became law in June 2007 and created new obligations to manufacture, import or use new and existing chemicals in the EU.


NASF: EPA Releases More Stringent Definition of Solid Waste Regulation

The new revisions state that the recycling of secondary materials can occur only if specific regulatory requirements are met.


EPA Targeting Metal Finishing Wastewater

Agency releases its preliminary 2014 effluent guidelines program; wastewater from the metal finishing industry is just one of the areas that will be subject to more regulation in the upcoming year.


The Elimination of Whiskers from Electroplated Tin

When RoHS lead-free regulations began to take hold globally, tin and its alloys were the first choice as alternatives to eutectic tin/lead. On the solder side, the transition to using these alternatives has moved forward, but on the surface finish side, replacing tin/lead has posed greater challenges. This paper discusses two approaches to dissipating the internal stresses in and external stresses on the deposit that are known to initiate whisker formation.

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Dental Equipment Maker Pulls Teeth to Meet Stringent Wastewater Regulations

Manufacturer A-dec chooses MecWash aqueous parts washing systems.

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Is Your Electroplating Waste Hazardous?

Some that bears precious metals is, and there are a host of regulations to consider when recycling.

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