NASF Announces 2020 Industry Award Winners

Each year, the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) recognizes members who stand out amongst their peers for their contributions to the finishing industry on the local and national levels.


Hunter Chemical Offers Variety of Finishing Products

Fume suppressants and high-speed catalysts are produced for hard chrome plating, decorative chrome plating and anodizing applications.


Luster-On Conversion Coatings Protect Aluminum

Luster-On Aluminescent is manufactured in powder form to provide economical and easy-to-use product.

UPA Technology's XRF2020 X-ray Reduces Tube Use

Unit only energizes the X-Ray tube during measurements to increase tube life.

Walchem Manufactures Analytical Controllers, Metering Pumps for Chemical Control

Walchem’s controllers easily tie into a LAN, DCS or other PLC system, providing remote communications access for monitoring and control.


Columbia Chemical's TriCol Process Enhances Metal Distribution

TriCol Décor process for trivalent chromium plating is chloride based for faster plating, according to the company  


Asterion Ultra Zinc-Nickel Systems Provide Corrosion Resistance

Asterion’s line of ultra alkaline and acid zinc-nickel plating systems produce a high nickel alloy of 12–16%.


Dynapower Products Help Power Surface Finishing Lines

Dynapower rectifiers, controllers and preventative maintenance programs keep processes running.


Uyemura's Galvanic Rhodium Alloy Improves Durability

Rhodium coatings have improved durability with deposits being crack-free up to 1 μm.


Haviland Chemistries Keep Plating Operations Inline

Products include cleaners and chromates for anodizing and zincating.


Pavco Grows Portfolio of Metal Finishing Technologies

Pavco to showcase systems for alloys, zinc, nickel, chrome, copper and newly released conversion coatings.


Metalor's Metal Plating Processes Meet Stringent Requirements

Procesesses designed for a variety of applications.

Process Technology Expands XC Heat Exchanger Capability

Process Technology’s new XC High-Flow Inline Heat Exchanger designed for precise and stable heat transfer while reducing fluid pressure drop.


Plating International Offers Single-Component EN

Company manufactures and distributes specialty chemicals and equipment to the metal finishing industry. 

Parker Boiler Alarm Alerts Off-Site Boiler Operators and Owners

When an alarm condition is detected, the PV-A will text up to 3 phone numbers to indicate there is a problem.

Liquid Coating

Bright Dyes Creates Dyes for Anodizing, Metal Finishing

Company creates and manufactures dyes, sealants and additives for the anodizing and metal finishing industries.


Atotech's Hybrid Approach Combines Organic and Plating Finishes

Atotech has more than 100 hybrid systems for applications such as painting over chrome for decorative trim and painting over zinc alloy plating for brake calipers.


Caplugs' CSPP-SH Series Plugs Withstand Anodizing and Ecoating

These plugs provide a tight fit for the clear hole below the angled area, promoting secure protection from foreign debris.


Coventya's Plating Process Alternatives are PFAS-Free

PFAS-free technologies, such as Tristar trivalent decorative sulfate and chloride-based chrome processes, meet OEM automotive trim requirements.


Aldonex Manufactures Industrial Power Supplies

Products include rectifiers, data loggers, and amp hour totalizers and controllers.


Lanco Supplies and Buys Used Metal Finishing Equipment

Lanco buys, sells and trades used and refurbished filter presses, rectifiers, plating lines, spin dryers, sludge dryers, clarifiers and more.


SanRex Creates Plating Power Supplies

Company’s DCAuto HKD-G Series serves as power source for plating small capacities.

Kontek Ion Exchange Systems Deionize Water for Recycling

The Rekon's applications include raw water purification, softening and deionization, wastewater recovery and recycling, polishing and targeted ion recovery.

Techsolutions R.J. Provides Waste Management Solutions

The company provides customized training in electroplating, wastewater treatment and management, pure water production, process improvement, troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

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