ActOn Finishing Launches Partnership with GPA Innova

ActOn Finishing, based in Coventry, has joined with GPA Innova as its UK distributor of DLyte finishing machines.


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ActOn Finishing (Coventry, UK) has joined with Spanish firm GPA Innova to serve as its UK distributor of DLyte finishing machines to various manufacturing sectors, including health care, aerospace, automotive, 3D printing and motorsport industries. ActOn is a surface finishing technology provider, which also has a ceramic media manufacturing facility in Malaysia, and is looking to grow by offering additional services to both new and existing clients.

DLyte finishing machine

DLyte finishing machine

The DLyte combines grinding and polishing in a one-step process to produce smooth and shiny finished parts. It is used for metal parts that require high performance or superior finishes, including steel and stainless steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, nickel and other common metal alloys.

According to the company, it is the first dry electropolishing system of its kind and can reduce polishing process time by around 75%. The polishing concept is designed to dramatically improve the corrosion and oxidation resistance, as well as lifespan and friction, of a part. The finishing machine is said to polish complex parts without programming, producing a high-quality finish without leaving grinding patterns and microscratches.