AR-Service App from Venjakob

The AR-Service app allows technicians to communicate with onsite technicians to make recommendations or address system issues.  


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Venjakob AR App

Using augmented reality, the service technician virtually intervenes in the room that he and the plant operator are currently looking at. By means of pointers or the display of symbols, he gives the operator concrete instructions for action.  Photo: Venjakob

Venjakob, a supplier of surface treatment and exhaust air purification systems, is offering an AR-Service app so technicians can easily communicate with on-site operators to make recommendations or address system issues. According to the company, the digital service uses augmented reality (AR) glasses called Smart Glasses and a smartphone or tablet so the service technician can follow the on-site system operator and provide guidance. Venjakob states that the app resolves some of the common problems inherent in telephone support, such as language barriers or lengthy technical explanations.

Christian Frenzel of Venjakob technical support notes that some customers are skeptical at first, but, once they use the app, they appreciate how quickly problems can be detected and addressed. The AR-Service app can do more than correct system faults. It is also being used to optimize process sequences or help when the remote system cannot be accessed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital solutions that enable technicians to make recommendations from off-site are especially useful, and Venjakob expects the demand to increase.