Atotech Two-coat System Meets French OEM Fastener System Standards

Zintek 200 SL F features high corrosion protection, controlled friction properties and a reduced number of coating layers.


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Source | Atotech

The Zintek 200 SL F two-coat system from Atotech (Berlin, Germany), has been approved to meet French OEM standards for protection of fastener systems.

“Atotech’s zinc flake coatings provide advanced corrosion protection and fulfill the requirements of a substantial number of OEM specifications,” says Jean-Louis Baudoin, Atotech OEM Manager France. “Featuring high corrosion protection, controlled friction properties and a reduced number of coating layers, Zintek 200 SL F represents a cost-efficient solution, perfectly in line with the French OEMs’ demanding requirements.”

In addition to its good adhesion properties Atotech’s Zintek 200 SL F is said to show good cathodic corrosion protection. According to the standards for protection of fastener systems, a coating must maintain corrosion resistance in the neutral salt spray test (ISO 9227) without base metal corrosion, for at least 600 hours. According to Atotech, Zintek 200 SL F exceeds this, lasting for more than 1000 hours without corroding.

Unlike conventional anti-corrosion systems, which are based on zinc flake coatings consisting of two base coat layers and one top coat layer, Atotech’s Zintek 200 SL F system saves one layer by incorporating just two self-lubricated corrosion protection layers that provide a controlled coefficient of friction (CoF). Compared to a three-coat-system, the silver base coat two-layer system with integrated lubricant enables a lower deviation of coefficients of friction, giving a centered COF in the range of 0.12 to 0.18.

Zintek 200 SL F fulfills friction requirements defined by both OEMs on diverse materials, such as aluminum, galvanized steel and e-coated steel. Even with two lubricated layers the Zintek 200 SL F solution does not exhibit a “stick-slip” effect. Thus, the system is recommended for the coating of safety labeled fasteners and parts.