Chemeon Promotes Science and Business Executives

Dr. Sjon Westre is now senior vice president of technology, and Jason Kerver is now vice president of administration.


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Dr. Sjon Westre and Jason Kerver

Dr. Sjon Westre (left) has been named senior vice president of technology, and Jason Kerver (right) has been promoted to vice president of administration.

Chemeon Surface Technology, a corrosion protection chemistry firm, has promoted two of its executives: Dr. Sjon Westre, who is now senior vice president of technology, and Jason Kerver, who is now vice president of administration.

Dr. Sjon Westre is a subject matter expert on the development and commercialization of hexavalent chromium-free corrosion protection chemistries. Since 2016, Dr. Westre’s recent patents include Chemeon eTCP “Dyed Trivalent Chromium Conversion Coatings and Methods of Using Same” and Chemeon’s “pH Stable Trivalent Chromium Coating Solutions.”

“Dr. Westre has been instrumental in the MIL-SPEC certification, scale-up formulation and commercialization of our Chemeon TCP-HF hexavalent-free chemistries,” says Dr. Madylon Meiling, CEO. “The use of these products by the military, prime contractors, OEMs and metal finishers came as a result of extraordinary research and development supported by the team of Ph.D. scientists and chemists that Dr. Westre has assembled.”

Jason Kerver was promoted to vice president of administration from manager of operations, a position he held since 2013. Since 1999, Kerver has been part of the Chemeon administrative team and is responsible for the development and customization of Chemeon’s robust and efficient Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) system and IT infrastructure.

“Mr. Kerver played a critical role in developing the global logistics and manufacturing process for Chemeon, which allows for seamless ordering and timely delivery of our products and services to distributors and customers,” Dr. Meiling says.