Coronavirus Response in Manufacturing: Calvary Industries

Calvary Industries, supplier of industrial cleaners, conversion coatings, metalworking fluids, and waste treatment chemistries, turns its focus toward general-purpose sanitizers to help combat coronavirus.


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Source | Calvary Industries Inc.

Calvary Industries, based in Fairfield, Ohio, formulates and produces blended process chemicals such as industrial cleaners, conversion coatings, metalworking fluids and waste treatment chemistries. The coronavirus pandemic has slowed demand for some of the company’s core competencies, but with the increased need for hand sanitizers and general-purpose sanitizers, Calvary has turned its attention toward helping meet that need.

“As you can imagine, everyone across the U.S. is calling around to chemical companies looking for cleaning materials, because there’s no sanitizer on the shelves of stores,” says Austin Morelock, who handles business development for Calvary Industries.

Calvary quickly rose to the occasion by obtaining new permits to mass produce sanitizers, installing new processing equipment and retooling its manufacturing.

“We have created a new product line in a matter of days — hand sanitizers and general-purpose sanitizers,” says Morelock, “Hats off to our raw material suppliers for obtaining materials that are very difficult to locate at this time.”

coronavirus, manufacturing, hand sanitizer manufacturing, sanitizer manufacturing

Source | Calvary Industries Inc.

Calvary’s initial response was focused on the local community as well as its loyal customers. The first batches of the products were supplied to Calvary employees and its families. Subsequent batches were donated to various orphanages in Kentucky and Tennessee as well as local fire/police departments, and to fulfill orders for the company’s existing customer base.

“As an essential supplier to various industries, we feel the responsibility to keep our customers safe and productive while helping the less fortunate along the way,” says Morelock.

Working through the backlog of orders was no small task, but the company has now been able to move toward commercializing its new products to all of its customers, including new ones who have called in requesting the products. With such a large need, the company is as busy as ever. Calvary is currently working 24/7, blending these products and trying to reach as many people as possible.

“We want to make sure that the people needing it the most are getting the proper sanitation supplies to stay healthy and stay safe,” says Morelock.