CUWA Appoints New Executive Director

Brown and Caldwell’s Wendy Broley to spearhead California Urban Water Agencies (CUWA).


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water treatment, sustainability


The California Urban Water Agencies (CUWA) has announced Brown and Caldwell’s Wendy Broley will assume the role of executive director effective July 1.

CUWA is a non-profit corporation of 11 major urban water agencies responsible for drinking water consumed by over two-thirds of California’s population. The CUWA provides a technical perspective to promote common understanding and consensus solutions among the urban water community, and is a technical leader on potable reuse, water supply reliability, and emerging contaminants.

As Brown and Caldwell One Water leader, Broley has earned a growing reputation in evaluating alternative water uses and developing diverse and resilient water supply portfolios to meet 21st-century challenges. Her 20 years of engineering and operations expertise includes integrated One Water policy, strategic planning, and process engineering for a host of membrane and advanced treatment systems for potable reuse, surface water treatment, and groundwater desalination applications.