Doerken Hires Marketing and Portfolio Implementation Manager

Appears in Print as: 'New Marketing Point of Contact at Doerken Corporation USA'

Doerken Corporation USA has hired Jacqueline Orow as its new marketing and portfolio implementation manager.


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A photo of Jacqueline Orow, Doerken Corporation's new marketing and portfolio implementation manager
Photo Credit: Doerken Corporation

Doerken Corporation USA (Grass Lake, Mich.) has hired Jacqueline Orow as its new marketing and portfolio implementation manager, effective November 2, 2020. Going forward, she will be Doerken’s point of contact for marketing activities.

Doerken Corporation is the US branch of Dörken MKS, a multi-national coating corporation specializing in electroplating, cathodic dip coating, coil coating and zinc flake coating. The company prides itself on its corrosion protection technology.