Dupont’s Tefzel Brand Name is Back

Thermoplastic product line was never discontinued, just renamed. And now it’s improved, too.

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Remember Tefzel? According to Intech Services (Newark, Del.), it’s back. Contrary to some beliefs, the Tefzel product line was never discontinued, just referred to as ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) Teflon. In 2013, DuPont expanded the product line by developing a powder primer (532-6405) and a new high build clear topcoat (532-6410) to complement the existing Tefzel products.

The new high-build product can be applied to film builds of 80-100 mils, depending on part geometry. Tefzel is a rugged thermoplastic with an outstanding balance of properties. When compared against the competition, Tefzel provides several thermal advantages, such as: better chemical resistance at higher operating temperatures, a higher melting point, which provides improved thermal stability, and lessened low temperature embrittlement. In addition to these qualities, Tefzel is extremely tough and electrically insulative with superior substrate adhesion. The characteristics of Tefzel make the coating an ideal candidate in markets such as chemical processing, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and food processing.


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