Enthone Conducts Hard Chrome Technical Training

A Plating Academy technical training session provided insight on hard chrome plating mechanisms and best practices.

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Enthone recently conducted a Plating Academy technical training session on functional hard chrome plating at the request of Daimler AG - Global Supply Chain Management (Stuttgart, Germany) and Mahle Ventiltrieb - Engine Valve Manufacturing and Material Science Division (Wölfersheim, Stuttgart, Germany). The two-day session focused on hard chrome plating of automotive engine valves and was held at Enthone’s European regional headquarters in Langenfeld, Germany.

The training focused on the basics of hard chrome plating including coating characteristics and plating mechanisms. Attendees learned about key adhesion influencers, common plating defects and best practices, among other topics. Training was conducted by Enthone team members Mr. Dirk Wiethölter, industry manager heavy equipment for Europe, and Mr. Henning Heimann, technical specialist of wear resistant coatings.