EPSI Acquires An-Kor Rack Company

Masking supplier EPSI has acquired An-Kor Rack Company. The expanded business will provide racks, hooks, masking and custom solutions.


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EPSI acquires An-Kor

EPSI’s Wisconsin Warehouse Location

Engineered Products and Services Inc. (EPSI, Franksville, Wis.) has acquired An-Kor Rack Company (Milwaukee, Wis.). EPSI bought An-Kor on December 31, 2019 and will operate An-Kor as a division of the Company.

An-Kor Rack Co. was founded over 25 years ago to provide custom racks and tools for various segments of the surface finishing business sector. An-Kor also offers associated services, such as rack stripping, making them a full-service shop.

“An-Kor Rack Company makes perfect sense as a division of EPSI. It allows EPSI to bring more products and services to our customer base, allowing us to make things simple for our customers. There are so many synergies between the custom engineering work routinely performed by both companies,” explained EPSI owner and president Armen Sarajian.

Rick Lang, former owner of An-Kor, also commented, “This is what An-Kor has needed – a partner with commercial reach like EPSI. We can collaborate and this will provide a great growth opportunity for our division. Also, we expand the expertise we can provide to the customers for both EPSI and An-Kor.”

The expanded business will be able to serve customers with racks, hooks, masking and custom solutions in all of these product categories. Localized customers will also be able to take advantage of the rack-stripping services.

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