FANUC Launches E-Learning Website For Its CRX Cobot

FANUC has launched a free e-learning website for its CRX collaborative robots, demonstrating their capabilities and listing applications and accessories.


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A graphic from FANUC announcing the launch of its new CRX E-Learn website and emphasizing its statement that the CRX can run for eight years without maintenance
Photo Credit: FANUC America

FANUC America (Rochester Hills, Mich.) has launched a new e-learning website to educate manufacturers and the industry about its CRX collaborative robot. The site provides up-to-date product information on the CRX cobot lineup, online training modules and a deep dive into a wide range of peripheral device and tooling partners. 

Since its initial introduction, the new CRX cobot has taken on more applications, including inspection, palletizing, machine tending, vision-guided pick and place, sanding and welding. FANUC offers application videos to help interested customers learn how the CRX can help create more efficient manufacturing. 

FANUC’s CRX cobots are available in two models, the CRX-10iA and the CRX-10iA/L long-reach version, both of which can handle 10 kg payloads. A new tablet teach pendant with icon-based drag-and-drop control simplifies cobot programming. FANUC also says its CRX series offers customers eight years of maintenance-free operation.

The website includes free CRX e-learning training modules to help customers get their employees quickly up to speed. There are currently three online tutorials, including a product overview with features, a tutorial for unboxing and setup, and a programming course. FANUC plans to offer additional learning modules in the next few months.  

FANUC plans to maintain a list of approved CRX device suppliers for its Cobot EOAT devices, grippers, accessories and plugins on the new CRX site. The growing list of partners currently includes: ATI, Leoni, OnRobot, Schmalz, Schunk, SMC, Soft Robotics and Swivellink. FANUC says the ease with which customers can connect third-party devices to the CRX will enhance manufacturing flexibility and allow them to use the devices that work for their application. 

FANUC welcomes industrial robot device suppliers interested in having their products or solutions become part of the FANUC approved devices program for its CRX collaborative robots.