George Koch Sons Designs In-house Powder Coating System

New GKS powder line is prompting Nortek’s transition from the use of pre-painted steel coils to an in-house application process.


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George Koch Sons (Evansville, IN) recently completed the design and installation of a turnkey powder system at Nortek’s Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila HVAC Manufacturing Facility to support the company’s transition from the use of pre-painted steel coils to an in-house powder application process. The system is designed to create a centralized location for Nortek’s Coahuila HVAC production, provide a durable surface finish, prompt lead time, and intuitive user control.

The in-house GKS system places all stages of Nortek’s HVAC manufacturing under one roof, eliminating shipping variables that had the potential to create unforeseen delays. The system includes Koch Smart controls with human machine interference capabilities to provide full user control. 

“The operating process begins with a pretreatment bath that cleanses parts to prevent reactions between the metal surface and paint ingredients, resulting in a paint application that is blemish-free and able to withstand harsher conditions than many pre-treated metals,” said general manager for GKS Mexico, Antonio Gallegos.


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