GM Gives BASF 2019 Supplier of the Year, Overdrive Awards

It is the 15th Supplier of the Year Award General Motors has given to BASF. 


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GM Supplier of the Year Award

For the 15th time, BASF has been named a GM Supplier of the Year by General Motors. The virtual ceremony honoring the recipients of the company’s 28th annual Supplier of the Year awards took place in June 2020. GM also bestowed BASF with the Overdrive Award for Sustainable Construction and Workspaces.

“We are humbled and honored to be recognized by our great partner, General Motors, for the 15th time,” says Sean McKeon, BASF’s vice president and key account manager for GM. “This is not a one-day achievement. It took the collective effort of thousands of BASF employees and our strong partnership with General Motors over many years.”

BASF was given the Overdrive Award not for automotive products, but for its sustainable construction technology and applications. BASF collaborated on roofing and flooring projects for GM’s Spring Hill, Tennessee, and Flint, Michigan, assembly plants. These projects are said to have contributed to mutual sustainability goals for smaller carbon footprint, less waste sent to landfills, and water and energy savings.

During the event, GM recognized 116 of its best suppliers from 15 countries with achievements.