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Happy National Surface Finishing Day on behalf of Products Finishing!
March 3, 2021 marks the third annual National Surface Finishing Day (NSFD), a day to celebrate the contributions of surface finishing professionals. So much has happened since last NSFD – the Products Finishing team has grown, we’ve launched a podcast and of course we are all almost a year into adjusting to the “new normal” of a pandemic. One thing that hasn’t changed is the dedication of surface finishing professionals. 

Hear about NSFD from the PF Team:


Virtual Celebrations for NSFD

Normally, shops might be opening their doors to the local community and media outlets and giving shop tours. Although COVID might put a damper on in-person festivities, we know surface finishing professionals are creative and industrious. Check out these videos from industry players about what’s going on at their shops.

A Message of Support from Precision Finishing Inc.

A Look into Enclosed Flow Plating from SIFCO ASC

NASF, surface finishing

A Message from the NASF


As president of the National Association for Surface Finishing, Jeff Brassard spends a lot of time advocating for the surface finishing industry. He offered this message about NSFD: 

“It’s worth taking a moment today to recognize the contributions of our industry that are more vital than ever. Most important is a sincere “thank you” to all of our NASF members who are supporting the work we do on behalf of the industry, our NASF 1000 contributors to help us advocate effectively, and our NASF Partners for investing in the association’s efforts to advance a sustainable future.”

Read Brassard’s full NSFD message.

A Look into What’s New with Global Finishing Solutions

A Statement from Haviland Enterprises

“Let’s take a moment on this National Surface Finishing Day and appreciate all of the work that goes into keeping this world a beautiful place.

Without the decorative and functional coatings we apply to products used across the globe, our world would be left to rust. Make sure the materials in your life will be around for a lifetime by giving them the best finish possible.


At Haviland, we strive to provide the products and services necessary to make this happen. From environmentally responsible cleaners to PFAS free mist suppressants, we want to be the people that come to mind when you think of surface finishing. If you would like to learn more about what advantages our customers have, reach out to us!”


A Recent Interview with Molly Kellogg, 6th Generation Leader of Hubbard-Hall


Bales Surface Solutions Celebrates National Surface Finishing Day

Bales Metal Surface Solutions is honoring the day with a webinar and virtual shop tour. Presented by industry veteran, Rich Wozniak, Technical Services Manager at Bales Metal Surface Solutions, the session will cover the basics of coating, finishing and polishing, as well as offer a virtual shop tour and a discussion of technology and innovation. The webinar takes place today March 3, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST!

A day to celebrate your company’s hard work

Whether you’re celebrating by opening up your shop to the public or simply taking time to recognize your hard working staff, surface finishing professionals are an essential part of manufacturing and deserve recognition and support!

However you are spending National Surface Finishing Day, we hope it’s great.