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Hard Chrome Enterprises Inc. Acquired

The plating company has served the aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer sectors since 1969. 
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Source | Hard Chrome Enterprises

Hard Chrome Enterprises Inc. (HCE), based in Lake Park, Florida, has been acquired by Dr. William Ringling.

Founded in 1969, HCE is a metal plating and finishing company serving the aerospace, medical, automotive and consumer products sectors. The company specializes in hard chrome, electropolishing, passivation, black oxide, electroless nickel, cadmium plating, silver plating and removal of surface contaminants. HCE is certified to perform as an FAA and EASA repair facility, providing services to other aerospace repair service providers throughout the Southern United States. 

Commenting on the acquisition, Dr. Ringling emphasizes that HCE will continue its existing policies and services “while growing and expanding services to our current and future customers.” 


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