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Henkel Offers In-Plant MRO Workshops

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The workshops include a plant survey and a focused meeting with the company's technical representatives.


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Henkel Corp. offers a customizable, in-plant training program for industrial maintenance professionals interested in eliminating mechanical failures and reducing redundant maintenance practices. These MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) Workshops are designed to train reliability and maintenance engineers, managers, supervisors and technicians on ways to lower maintenance costs and increase the reliability of their equipment.

Prior to the MRO Workshop, plant maintenance professionals meet with Henkel technical representatives to conduct a plant survey to evaluate current preventative maintenance programs and any challenges to production. After the survey, the maintenance team reconvenes with Henkel technical representatives in the workshop to focus on mechanical basics and failure fundamentals, identifying specific avenues to time savings, energy cost reductions, and safety and reliability improvements based on the survey's findings.

Among these and other topics, the workshop can also cover the use of coatings to prevent wear and restore worn parts; rebuilding and repairing metal components and shafts; preventing injury with anti-slip floor coatings; and other maintenance concerns.

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