Uyemura's Galvanic Rhodium Alloy Improves Durability


Rhodium coatings have improved durability with deposits being crack-free up to 1 μm.

Houston Plating & Coatings Adds Low-Weight Phosphate Line


The company’s new coating line provides low weight (150-500-mg/ft2) micro-crystalline zinc phosphate.

Haviland Chemistries Keep Plating Operations Inline


Products include cleaners and chromates for anodizing and zincating.

Powder Coating Institute Awards 2020 Scholarships


The Powder Coating Institute has awarded its 2020 scholarship to six exceptional students studying subjects that can lead to powder coating careers.

Pavco Grows Portfolio of Metal Finishing Technologies


Pavco to showcase systems for alloys, zinc, nickel, chrome, copper and newly released conversion coatings.

High-Speed Cellular Deburring and Polishing


Bel Air Finishing Supply offers centifugal disc finishers designed to polish and deburr brass, copper, stainless steel and other materials.

Social Distancing Sensors for the Factory Floor


ProGlove Connect app update includes a feature that notifies workers in close proximity to help them maintain proper social distance during COVID-19.

DTX-12000 Power Supply from Process Technology


DTX-12000 Power Supply from Dynatronix is designed to provide best thermal efficiencies, lowest possible ripple and exact power deliveries at lowest amp inputs.

Pioneer Metal Finishing Launches Surface Engineering Academy


Surface Engineering Academy from Pioneer is designed to be a technical resource, providing access to webinars, expert panel sessions, white papers and more.

LiloTree's Lilo-BL Increases Corrosion Protection


Corrosion inhibitor barrier layer is nanoengineered to help prevent corrosion on nickel, copper and silver surfaces.