Process Technology Launches Compact In-line Chemical Heater


Process Technology has launched its ChemHeat In-line Chemical Heater, a compact unit with all fluoropolymer wetted surfaces for ultra-high-purity (UHP) applications.

Metalor's Metal Plating Processes Meet Stringent Requirements


Procesesses designed for a variety of applications.

Process Technology Expands XC Heat Exchanger Capability


Process Technology’s new XC High-Flow Inline Heat Exchanger designed for precise and stable heat transfer while reducing fluid pressure drop.

Plating International Offers Single-Component EN


Company manufactures and distributes specialty chemicals and equipment to the metal finishing industry. 

Parker Boiler Alarm Alerts Off-Site Boiler Operators and Owners


When an alarm condition is detected, the PV-A will text up to 3 phone numbers to indicate there is a problem.

Bright Dyes Creates Dyes for Anodizing, Metal Finishing


Company creates and manufactures dyes, sealants and additives for the anodizing and metal finishing industries.

Atotech's Hybrid Approach Combines Organic and Plating Finishes


Atotech has more than 100 hybrid systems for applications such as painting over chrome for decorative trim and painting over zinc alloy plating for brake calipers.

Walmec’s 0.01-Micron SuperStar Filter


Walmec's 0.01-micron SuperStar filter removes vapors and contaminates for flow ranges of 50, 75 or 100 SCFM.

Caplugs' CSPP-SH Series Plugs Withstand Anodizing and Ecoating


These plugs provide a tight fit for the clear hole below the angled area, promoting secure protection from foreign debris.

AR-Service App from Venjakob


The AR-Service app allows technicians to communicate with onsite technicians to make recommendations or address system issues.