MacDermid Sponsors Automotive Finishing Seminar in Germany

The seminar covered technology and regulation issues for the plating-on-plastic industry.

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MacDermid held a decorative automotive supply chain seminar June 2 and 3 at Ladenburg, Germany’s Automuseum. Attendees were updated on REACH as it relates to the plating-on-plastic industry, and were introduced to the company’s latest innovations in hexavalent chromium-free pretreatment and plating technology.

Dr. Marina Engleking, of Volkswagen gave a talk outlining the increasing use of calcium and magnesium chloride as de-icing salts in Germany. Because of this, Volkswagen has implemented two accelerated tests, VW PV 1073-A and PV 1073-B, which will be incorporated into the TL 528 technical specification for chromium-plated surfaces.

The seminar also covered the increasing use of trivalent chromium in markets around the world. Additionally, MacDermid introduced its “evolve” process, which is chromium-, PFOS-, SVHC- and permanganate-free and requires no extra process tanks or processing times when compared to conventional metallization cycles. Production is currently meeting automotive standards and has demonstrated etch topography and adhesion values similar to chromic-acid-based processes.

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