MicroCare and Chemours explore Next-Generation Specialty Critical Cleaning Fluids

MicroCare and Chemours host webinar to provide suggestions for sustainable replacements for TCE and nPB


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MicroCare LLC (New Britain, Conn.), a critical cleaning, coating and lubricating company will be joined by chemistry company Chemours, to discuss the considerations of transitioning to next-generation industrial cleaning fluids and why they should be undertaken in a free webinar hosted by Tech Briefs on June 9, 2021.

As the industry transitions away from historical solvents such as TCE and nPB, which have toxicity concerns, replacement fluids need to meet a growing list of environmental and safety regulations. The webinar, Next Generation Specialty Fluids for Industrial Critical Cleaning: What you Need to Know, will explore today’s changing standards and provide suggestions for the most effective, affordable, and environmentally sustainable replacements.

Emily Peck, MicroCare Senior Chemist said: “Manufacturers must modify their cleaning processes to ensure they have the longevity to clean successfully and sustainably. Advanced cleaning fluids have been developed to address worker safety and environmental concerns. These innovative cleaning fluids can be used as a replacement for many older legacy chemistries that are being phased out by many regulators.”

David Ferguson, Senior Technical Manager, Precision Cleaners and Emily Peck, Senior Chemist from MicroCare, together with Michael Fraser, Technical Service Chemist at Chemours will outline the evolution of precision cleaning fluids. They will explain the safety, performance and environmental benefits of switching to a modern HFO-based cleaning fluid.

The webinar will also provide information on vapor degreasing equipment requirements, including upgrades and modifications to existing equipment, and how to determine the most suitable, cost-effective cleaning fluids and methods.