MIL Appoints Mark Sullivan as President

Magnetic Inspection Laboratory has appointed Mark Sullivan as its president. Sullivan will work alongside CEO and owner Tim Schiewe.


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Mark Sullivan has been named president of Magnetic Inspection Laboratory Inc. (MIL; Elk Grove, Ill.), a leading provider of non-destructive testing, metal finishing, coatings and welding services for the aerospace, defense and medical industries.

Sullivan brings over 25 years of experience to the role of president, with proven success in leading executive teams, growing business value and improving operations. His career began at the Dow Chemical Company, working across multiple applications and markets in commercial, management and leadership roles. He has also previously held the president position at GrafTech International, Cast Nylons Limited and Buckhorn Incorporated, successfully improving operating margins and developing new growth at all three companies.

Sullivan will be working with Tim Schiewe, CEO and owner of MIL. Sullivan’s deep experience and proven accomplishments will be an asset as he helps this family-owned business achieve profitable growth and add long-term value.